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Do you struggle with understanding how to advance in the workplace? Are you disappointed that your performance alone isn’t enough to gain the recognition you deserve? Do you feel overwhelmed by the idea that you must spearhead your own career without knowing the rules of the game?


A Playbook for

Young Professionals

to Successfully Navigate the Workplace


In Play It to Win, Nefretiti Nassar equips young professionals with proven strategies to excel in Corporate America. Whether you’re a student, a recent college graduate, or a young professional, Play It to Win provides you with guidance, practical examples, strategic advice, and words of wisdom in the form of "Nefisms" to help increase your probability of successfully navigating the many unwritten rules within the workplace.


  • Properly position yourself as a high performer


  • Create a development plan for your advancement


  • Form a network filled with intellectual capital that you can leverage for your success


  • Build a team that will help you win in the workplace


  • Develop genuine relationships with management to ensure your success


  • Establish a relationship with senior leadership to expand your exposure across the company


  • Seek new opportunities for growth and development


  • Become a person of value who effortlessly attracts opportunities for increase


  • And a whole lot more!


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Young Professional, Washington, DC

“A must have career development book.”

Young Professional, Los Angeles, CA

"A game changer! From start to finish, this book empowered me. I gained practical tools to flourish in my career."

Young Professional, Baltimore, MD

"Well written and easy to read. I highly recommend this book for all new graduates."

Image by Adlan

Young Professional, Wilmington, DE

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I found the strategies to be thought provoking and I plan to implement some this year."

Young Professional, Washington, DC

"A great read!”

Young Professional, San Antonio, TX

"I love how the book is organized. It is literally a playbook that is digestible and clear for anyone to take action on. I also like the sprinklings of Nefisms and personal examples."

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